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Latest version is v1.2.7 (October 29, 2023)

Click RaylectronTools.rbz to download. Once downloaded, install from the Sketchup Extension Manager.

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Platonic Solids:

SketchUp’s basic tools can’t help you craft an icosahedron or other Platonic solids. This tool fills that gap, offering all five solid types. Plus, you can truncate or subdivide the faces, opening up a world of geometric variations.

Sketchy Mesh:

While SketchUp’s sandbox is okay for simple terrains, this tool pushes boundaries. With Sketchy Mesh, you can apply simple formulas to craft shapes like waves and cones. Parametric mode takes you even further, letting you create springs, rings, threads, and more.

Terrain Generator:

The native SketchUp sandbox is limited when it comes to texturing terrains. This tool offers you nuanced control over both terrain shape and texture, making it an ideal choice for detailed landscapes.

Image Meshifier:

Sure, you can import pictures into SketchUp, but what about turning those images into 3D objects? Import an image, activate this tool, and create a mesh that you can texture with uV for a seamless transition from 2D to 3D.

Face Perforator:

Add intricate perforations to your 3D models with Face Perforator. Easily create holes in shapes like triangles, squares, pentagons, and circles. Set radius, adjust spacing, choose the number of segments, and toggle between grid and radial patterns. Works seamlessly on any selected flat face(s).


Manually creating mirror images is tedious. Use the Mirror tool to easily duplicate objects based on an edge or face you choose. It’s simple geometry, made easier.

Erase Faces (Skeletonizer):

Erase all the faces from the selected group or component, exposing only the edges.

Select Edges:

This will change your selection to only select the edges. Ready for use by the “Follow All” or “Tubify” tool.

Follow All:

The Sketchup “Follow Me” tool is great, but it lacks the ability to act on all edges. This tool will do it.


Don’t just think of paths; think structures! Create an icosahedron, select its faces, and use Tubify to turn the edges into tubes. Paint the faces with a glass-like material, and you’ve created a jaw-dropping solarium or something similarly eye-catching.


Our innovative tool transforms the way you visualize and model intricate spirograph patterns in SketchUp.

Sketchy Sprinkle:

The perfect tool to sprinkle your designs with life! Effortlessly populate any face with selected components, from trees and rocks to people etc, giving your designs that added layer of detail.

Sketch Warp:

Introducing our advanced deformation plugin for Sketchup, crafted to give designers an added edge in manipulating their creations. Whether you’re designing intricate models or looking for an artistic twist.

Guide at Normal:

If you’re looking to create guidelines that are perfectly perpendicular to a face, this is your tool. No more guesswork for extrusions and alignments.

Subdivide (solid):

Subdivide the faces of the current entities. The resulting divisions are defined by solid edges. It’s particularly useful when you want the subdivided portions to be visibly separated.

Subdivide (hide):

Subdivide the faces of the current entities, but the dividing edges are kept hidden. To view these hidden edges, activate the “View hidden geometry” option from the Sketchup “View” menu. An advantage of this mode is that you can still select the entire original face without being limited to the subdivided portions. This is beneficial when you want the face to appear seamless but need underlying subdivisions for other operations.


Texturing gets tricky on non-flat surfaces. This tool offers a way to reset the UV mapping based on the texture size, making sure textures look right even on spheres and complex terrains.


Say goodbye to distorted textures on uneven faces. Activate the uV tool to scale the texture to fit any face you’re working with, resulting in a cleaner, more accurate look.

Randomize Texture Position:

If you’re tired of repetitive texturing, this tool adds some randomness to how the textures align on your selected faces.

Randomize Texture Rotation:

Give your textures an unexpected twist. This tool randomly rotates textures on selected faces, adding a dash of unpredictability to your designs.

Rotate Texture 90 Degrees:

Sometimes, a little rotation is all you need for a fresh look. This tool rotates your textures by 90 degrees on selected faces with just a click.

Explode Children:

If your model has too many nested groups or components, this tool helps simplify the structure by reducing the number of sub-entities.

Move to Origin:

Keeping your workspace organized is easier with this tool, designed specifically for groups and components. Move your selected groups or components to the origin point with a simple click.

Move to Ground Level:

This tool isn’t for every piece of geometry—just groups and components. Use it to align your selected entities with the base of your workspace.

Move Axis to Center:

Manually centering an axis in SketchUp is nearly impossible. This tool saves you the hassle by automatically moving the axis to the center of your selected components.

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