Download Raylectron CPU v5.0 build 21 (May 10, 2022) **Include v4.99 of the GPU

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(for SketchUp™ 2013 to 2022, free and pro)
(on 64bit WinXP to Win11)

CPU version support Skatter

Raylectron for CPU and GPU (recommended)
~50MB full install, multiple SketchUp version and stand alone.

Raylectron Extension*
~61MB To be installed from within SketchUp Extension Manager*

NOTE: If you get an “Access denied” error message when trying to install, make sure both, Raylectron and Sketchup are not running and try again. If you still get the same error, right click the installer and select to run it as Admin.

*To install the RBZ extension in Sketchup, bring up the Sketchup extension manager window and click on the “Install Extension” button and select the downloaded RBZ file. Once installed, the Raylectron toolbar should then be displayed.

** (GPU only) your video card must have a minimum of 4GB and about 1500+ stream processors. The latest video driver with OpenCL support must be installed. Does not support Skatter.

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