SoftByte Labs, Inc.
Latest Raylectron render (Mar 27, 2015) - Country Kitchen, model by Jay Hardy. Render time = 11 minutes with Raylectron v4.71 (CPU only).
Simple and intuitive 3D rendering plugin for SketchUp.
for SketchUp 2015 (64bit and 32bit), 2014, 2013 and v8, free and pro.
Raylectron is a simple, yet powerful 3D rendering plugin for SketchUp. Let it transform your SketchUp model into a photorealistic render or animation. it is not only for the architect, interior designer or 3D rendering expert, but anyone can use it, even if you use free SketchUp and for fun.

Raylectron is not just for SketchUp, it can be used with Blender and other CAD software capable of exporting your model to an OBJ format which Raylectron can open, giving you all the same features as if it had been exported from SketchUp.